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The Purpose of Premarital Counseling in San Diego, CA

Marriage is a lifetime journey between two mature minds. Before a marriage can take place, both parties must be ready to commit their time, money, and energy. However, it is a union where both parties make compromises to accommodate each other’s needs. Therefore, when two people decide to walk down

7 Misconceptions About Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is one of the best steps to take before starting your marriage or anytime during your marriage life. But, unfortunately, most people hesitate to pick up the phone and make an appointment with the experts because of the many prejudices, preconceived myths, and misconceptions associated with this subject.

Common Reasons to Seek a Marriage Counselor

When a relationship breaks down, a marriage counselor can help a couple overcome their issues, and start building a more meaningful relationship. There are many reasons why couples seek out a marriage counselor San Diego, but some of the most common reasons include: Negative Communication When communication has become negative, couples often


Why Getting Counseling Before Marriage is a Great Idea

Marriage counseling – a scary thought – right? Many couples think that marriage counseling is only needed when divorce is imminent, but it is very beneficial to go to counseling before marriage. You’re going to spend the rest of your life with one person, so you want to make sure that

Benefits of Couples Therapy

What to Expect in Couples Therapy If you don’t seek some type of couples therapy, then you might end up losing your significant other sooner than you think. Don’t waste time thinking it over! You might be wondering: What happens in couples therapy? Couples therapy is about bringing all your