Common Reasons to Seek a Marriage Counselor

When a relationship breaks down, a marriage counselor can help a couple overcome their issues, and start building a more meaningful relationship. There are many reasons why couples seek out a marriage counselor San Diego, but some of the most common reasons include:

Negative Communication

When communication has become negative, couples often seek out counseling. Negative communication leaves one partner feeling insecure, depressed and disregarded. In some cases, it’s not what a partner says, but how they say it (i.e. speaking in a negative tone).

Negative communication also includes any type of communication that leads to physical or emotional abuse.


If one partner is considering an affair or has had an affair, it can be difficult to recover. Counselors can help with this, but it will take a lot of work, motivation and commitment. In the very least, couples discover that they are better off moving on from the relationship.

When Couples Become Roommates

If a couple is no longer doing anything together and barely communicates, counseling may be required. Lack of intimacy, conversation and communication can make couples feel like they are merely living together. A counselor can help a couple figure out what’s missing, and work towards getting it back.

No matter the reason, taking the first step to getting counseling is incredibly important. As long as both partners are willing to work through the issues and remain committed, there are few obstacles that cannot be overcome.

If you are facing difficulties in your marriage, it is crucial that you seek marriage counseling from an expert therapist, like Dr. Jan Rakoff, LCSW. If you are looking for a San Diego therapist, call Jan Rakoff today at 858-481-0425 or fill out the email form to schedule your free 15 minute initial consultation.