Finding a Marriage Counselor that You Feel Comfortable With

Sometimes it can feel like everyone’s marriage is perfect except yours, but in reality everyone has tough times in their marriage. Spouses fight, argue, have differences of opinion and personality, and in general, can drive one another crazy sometimes. Going through issues is common and doesn’t always have to result in giving up.

If you are having a hard time and have an interest in getting your marriage back on track, seeing a marriage counselor can be a large marital aid. Consider finding a San Diego marriage counseling expert to help you and your spouse to get back to a good place. Here are some ways to find a good marriage counselor:

Couple’s Counseling Techniques

It’s vital to consider the types of techniques that a therapist will use to help you and your spouse through the process. With so many options out there today, you want to ensure that you will feel comfortable with how each situation is approached.

Jan utilizes the techniques of nationally renowned psychotherapists to help couples work through issues in a productive, respectful environment. She will teach you not only how to communicate, but also how to respect one another. The foundation of good marriage is respect, trust, and friendship, and Jan can help you and your partner get back to this solid foundation.

Go for a consultation

Do not be afraid to try to shop around for counselors. You never know who the best fit is for you and your spouse until you have shopped around. Go in for a 20-30-minute consultation with the San Diego marriage counseling expert. If the expert does not allow short consultations, ask to meet the counselor once, or if you feel comfortable, schedule a one-hour session. Look around until you find a counselor who can meet your needs.

Discuss your specialized needs

Each couple will have different fights, distinct wants, and different needs. You need an expert who feels comfortable speaking with you about your personal marriage issues and what you, and your spouse want out of the marriage. A good expert will encourage the two of you to work out your differences and lay out your honest feelings.

Couple’s Counselor San Diego

Counselors who are successful never assess blame, but instead use the sessions to give each couple the tools and understanding to work out problems to see the issues in the foundation of the relationship. Look for a San Diego therapist who will provide you with the skill set and open minded thinking that can allow you and your spouse to relate and reconnect.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today if you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment!

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