Marriage Counseling

Marriage can be fulfilling, yet also periodically disappointing as no relationship is without some level of disagreement and differing views. The day-to-day stresses of life can weigh heavily on a couple’s bond. Aside from daily pressures, there may also be other issues that test and, possibly damage, the strength of the relationship, such as experiences of loss, infidelity, withholding of affection, constant quarreling or conflicting parenting styles. Marriage therapy isn’t only for those couples on the verge for divorce. It can also help you and your partner learn how to express your feelings and work together to practice effective communication and increase your level of intimacy.

Marriage therapy is more than two people sitting on opposite ends of a couch complaining about what the other does or does not do while a therapist nods in agreement. Jan Rakoff, LCSW, takes an active approach to marriage therapy by engaging with the couple on many levels, such as:

  • Asking what each partner hopes to gain from therapy and defining goals
  • Listening to each partner’s concerns about the relationship
  • Learning about each partner as individuals and about the couple as a unit
  • Paying attention to how the couple speaks to one another, such as spoken words, tone of voice and nonverbal cues
  • Teaching the couple how to effectively communicate during times of disagreement without using accusatory or offensive language
  • Encouraging  each partner to look at one’s own actions and reactions to any given situation
  • Providing helpful advice and tools on how to increase displays of affection and ignite feelings of love

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A marriage that stands the test of time takes work, which often doesn’t come naturally. San Diego therapist Jan Rakoff can work with you and your partner to uncover and deal with unresolved issues, while bringing you two together. If you would like to discuss the benefits of marriage therapy, you can schedule your initial consultation with Jan today by calling at (858) 481-0425 or use the contact form to request an appointment today.