How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

How to Deal with Difficult Family Members

Let’s be honest; you meet a lot of difficult people in everyday life. Whether it’s a colleague at work or a friend turned toxic, you can walk away most of the time. But you can’t do this when it’s your family. Of course, you don’t want to give up on your loved ones, yet it can be hard to know how to work through a never-ending conflict. Let’s take a look at some ways you can positively deal with difficult family members.

Work on Communication

It’s easy to assume members of your family know what you’re thinking. They know you the best, right? Sometimes, you’ve got to work on better communication. We often assume we know what they want and they know what you want. But this isn’t always the case. Take a moment to process what’s happening and say how you’re feeling to each other. Also, think about what you’d like to happen next. This can be a positive way to work through a negative situation and not get confused on what’s happening.

Don’t Forget to Listen

We’re all good at talking. But to work through some problems, all you’ve got to do is listen. Of course, this doesn’t mean selective hearing and only hearing what you want to. It’s about understanding the whole situation. Perhaps there is something you can do better if you just listen to your family’s reasoning. Working through conflict is often about compromise and the only way you can achieve this successfully is through listening to the other person.

Walk Around in Their Shoes

If you’re annoyed or frustrated with a family member, it can be hard to see it any other way. You’ll think you’re right. But once and awhile, you need to see the situation through that person’s perspective. This way, you can understand where they’re coming from and be empathetic. This might be just what’s required to work through a problem.

Seek Support

You can’t always do it on your own. If you need support with a difficult family member, family therapy in San Diego might help. Nobody wants to feel disconnected to their loved ones. Having a therapist present to work through problems in a safe environment can be a positive step in the right direction. Together, you can find ways to interact better and resolve conflicts you’re experiencing. Jan Rakoff offers family therapy in San Diego with free consultations. Get the help your family may need today.