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Many families, especially nowadays, do not spend nearly as much quality time together as they once did. Often families don’t even participate in group activities or eat dinner together, due to the busy and conflicting schedules of the family members. Over time, this experience of “disconnect” can take a toll on your family’s group dynamics by creating both internal and external conflict, as well as feelings of dissatisfaction between members.

As a type of Psychotherapy, Family Therapy aims to bring the family together into a single, safe environment, whereby each member may freely speak about his/her issues in a collective and supportive environment. This type of counseling usually works best when all members are present at once. However, if a family member expresses resistance and a refusal to attend the sessions, therapy can still be conducted with the remaining members who are present and willing to rebuild their interconnected relationships.

While the length of therapy varies from group to group, Family Therapy is usually shorter. As your therapist I will not only mediate current issues, but also provide you all (collectively and individually) with tools and suggestions to better interact with one another and resolve future conflicts.

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San Diego Family Therapist

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