Anxiety Management Techniques

Anxiety Management Techniques

Frequent anxiety attacks can impact your ability to function on a daily basis. It can cause you to avoid certain situations, turn down opportunities, and can even affect your relationships with others. It’s important to identify the triggers that cause your anxiety. Only then can you begin to address it and manage it better. This can help you become more productive in your life. Here are some causes of anxiety, treatments in San Diego, California, that could help, and tips for managing anxiety.

Diagnosing and Treating Anxiety

There are several factors that could cause anxiety. Common triggers include:

    • Brain chemistry: Imbalances in someone’s brain chemistry can lead to several mental disorders, including anxiety and depression.
    • Predisposition: There are certain factors that could cause a person to become more susceptible to developing anxiety, such as genetics, development, and a naturally timid or anxious personality.
    • Experiences: Anxiety could develop out of trauma or significant life changes.
    • Medical history: Underlying conditions could increase the chances of developing anxiety.

In order to properly diagnose an anxiety disorder, there are certain symptoms that a therapist or other professional may look for. They include:

    • Excessive worrying and planning for worst-case scenarios
    • Feeling threatened unnecessarily
    • Indecisiveness
    • Inability to let go or move on
    • Restlessness
    • Difficulty with focus and concentration
    • Fatigue or insomnia
    • Muscle tension and aches
    • Trembling
    • Excessive sweating
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Irritable bowel syndrome

Anxiety Therapy

There isn’t a single “correct” treatment for anxiety disorders. Every individual is different, with different circumstances and different reactions to events. However, there are a few that have shown to have the best results for many individuals.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is considered to be very effective for anxiety. It is only intended to be a short-term treatment, but it teaches skills that will allow patients to return to their everyday lives.

Teletherapy is also very effective. With this treatment, therapists communicate with patients via video, phone, or email. This helps patients who may be too anxious to leave their home and parents with busy schedules.

Best Anxiety Management Techniques

While therapy is an essential component of treating anxiety, there are also steps that individuals can take to manage it at home. These steps may include:

    • Keeping a journal
    • Prioritizing issues through time management
    • Staying physically active
    • Getting enough rest
    • Relaxation techniques, such as meditation
    • Taking frequent breaks

Don’t Go It Alone – Get Help with Your Anxiety in San Diego, California

Anxiety can overwhelm you if you try to tackle it alone. The good news is you don’t have to. A licensed therapist can help you overcome whatever is causing your anxiety, no matter how extreme your worries or symptoms may be. Jan Rakoff in San Diego, California, is experienced with helping individuals recognize, treat, and manage their anxieties. She also offers treatment for various forms of depression, addiction, eating disorders, and trauma. Contact Rakoff’s office today to schedule an appointment for your counseling and therapy needs.