6 Signs It’s Time for Marriage Counseling

Your marriage, like all others, will have its bumps in the road during which you and your spouse will not feel as close to one another. Typically, these are short-lived stints and you two will resume your bond. However, there are certain types of disharmony that tell you it’s time for marriage counseling.

1. Arguments: Having disagreements with your spouse is perfectly normal as it leads to you openly expressing your concerns. However, if these disputes turn volatile and/or discussions tend to result in arguing, the time has come to seek out marital counseling from an expert, like myself.
2. Lack of Affection: Daily expressions of affection, such as a hug, kiss or light touching, leaves you both feeling loved and secure in your marriage. If there is a lack of affection being displayed, marital counseling can provide you both with useful tools to strengthen your marriage.
3. Absence of Sexual Intimacy: Every relationship tends to simmer down in the level of sexual intimacy. Yet, if it’s so infrequent that you wonder if your partner finds you attractive, an marriage counselor can help you put the fire back into your marriage.
4. Issue of Betrayal: When the trust is broken in a marriage, it’s considerably difficult to rebuild as feelings of resentment and anger tend to linger long after the betrayal. A marital counselor can aid you and your spouse in exploring the betrayal in order to mend the broken bond.
5. Isolation: If you are noticing a pattern in which you and your spouse prefer to spend time apart, there are likely underlying issues leading to this isolation from one another. I can help you get to the root of your separation and bring you both back together.
6. Considering Divorce: You or your spouse may be at the point in which you’ve thought about or mentioned getting a divorce. Before making any hasty decisions, seek the expertise of a martial counselor that can open the doors of communication and resolve any issues that have led to this point in your marriage.

Marriage Counseling San Diego CA

Whether you’ve noticed any of the signs mentioned above or you simply feel that your marriage is due for some attention, marriage counseling provided by an expert psychotherapist can revive the love and attraction you both feel for one another. If you reside in the San Diego area, call me today at 858-481-0425 or fill out the email form to schedule your free 15 minute initial consultation.