San Diego Therapist Jan Rakoff, LCSW

About Jan

san-diego-counselor-jan-rakoffI have been interested in being a therapist since I was a teen. I was the friend that would listen, be compassionate but not judgmental.  My dream after graduating with a Masters Degree in Social Work was to open a Private Practice which I did in 1987.  Prior to that, I worked at Family Service for 4 years and worked with a wide variety of people at different stages in their lives.  It was an invaluable experience and contributed greatly to my  skills as a therapist in San Diego.

My clinical focus as a therapist is multi faceted and eclectic. I strongly believe in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because it makes so much sense.  Your thoughts determine how you feel, and if they are distorted, you will have a skewed perception in dealing with people and often become depressed, anxious or have the need to control excessively.  I also integrate Meditation and Relaxation Techniques which provides immediate relief to so many of your problems and increases your confidence as you begin to see that you can calm yourself. Additionally,  I pay close attention to your Family of Origin. You learn how to treat others by observing your parents and siblings.

san-diego-counselor-friendSometimes people who have unresolved issues will recreate their personal family drama with relationships in their lives with no awareness. Talking with me can break this pattern and lead to a more fulfilling life.

Lastly, I draw from my personal experience as a wife for nearly 37 years and mother of 2 adult children who ultimately became successful in their careers and personal relationships .  This is a true asset in being a competent and compassionate therapist like “on the job training” over several decades.

You will find a wide variety of issues that are covered within my practice, some of which include: Individual Adult Therapy, Couples and Marriage Therapy, Family Therapy, Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, Fertility Counseling and Healing Trauma.

I  am licensed in California as a Clinical Social Worker LCSW since 1973 (license #LCS4611). I am also  a Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work from the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work.