The Right Support for Couples: Relationship Counseling

Your relationship is excellent when it’s working well. However, there are times when unexpected challenges occur. Couples or marriage counseling can be of great help to you and your partner in many ways. Couples therapy will help you return balance to your relationship and improve the self-awareness of actions and behaviors that will enhance understanding in your partnership.

Premarital Counseling

Whether you’re young or older in your relationship, you can benefit from sessions with your premarital counselor before exchanging your vows as a married couple. Issues that you can choose to discuss during your premarital counseling in San Diego, CA, include:

  • How you would relate with your in-laws
  • Parenting choices, one example is whether to have kids or not
  • Finance subject
  • Family relationships
  • Sex and Affection
  • Communication

A premarital counselor will help set realistic expectations or relationship goals and build healthy communication strategies that will enable you to get off to a good start in your marriage.

What Is A Relationship Or Couples Counseling?

With the help of the right therapist, you can explore your relationship issues with your partner, work on your communication styles or skills, and resolve conflicts.

Relationship therapy can be helpful at any stage and not just when you’re facing problems. It can also strengthen your partnership and improve connection or communication.

Marriage Counseling

Married couples suffer relationship issues including parenting, finances, in-laws, communication breakdown, intimacy or sex, infidelity, and work-related stress. You and your partner should accept that your relationship needs help and consider going for marriage counseling sessions. Marriage counselors help solve relationship issues and strengthen marriages.

A healthy marriage is brilliant, and you will even be at peace with people around you, such as your children, relatives, and friends. A family therapist specializing in marriage or relationship counseling therapy will guide you on how you can make your marriage blissful and solve your issues amicably. You can also understand your partner’s feelings on specific issues when a mental health professional takes you through emotion-focused therapy.

Divorce Counseling

Ending a marriage is a decision that involves a painful process. If you’re the one who filed for divorce, you may be having issues with feelings of anger, regret, or guilt. If your partner initiated the divorce, you might feel betrayed, angry, or abandoned. A therapist can help you move on or agree with your partner to have a peaceful divorce and ugly scenarios that could affect other people around you, such as your children.

When only one partner initiates the divorce, the other spouse can develop negative feelings, making them do things that could destroy their reputations or relationships with their loved ones. A licensed marriage or relationship counselor can help you have a mature, respectful, and peaceful divorce. A therapist can also help you move on if you feel stuck after divorcing your partner.

Individual Counseling

You can also have an additional individual counseling session if you’re the reason your relationship has problems. Personal issues might disturb you, such as depression, addiction, or alcoholism. A therapist can help you deal with these issues and improve your relationship.

Online Counseling

Online counseling is an ordinary session carried out over online platforms instead of a physical office. You can talk to your therapist via a video conference. You and your spouse or partner will still be able to discuss all issues affecting your relationship with your therapist and get help to resolve your conflicts.

How Relationship Or Couples Counseling Can Help Your Partnership

The goal of having a healthy marriage is to have a happy life with your partner and family. A therapist can help solve any family conflict that you may be experiencing. Below are various ways in which a relationship can help you improve your marriage or romantic partnership:

Helps Assess And Improve Compatibility As A Couple

Personal growth can drive partners apart, and in cases where therapists are involved, couples have improved their compatibility and enjoyed life together for a long period. Relationship counseling or family therapy sessions can also help you determine areas of possible conflicts and develop strategies to deal with them before they happen as a married couple or relationship partners.

Move Forward After Infidelity

You’ll be surprised to learn that most relationships survive infidelity, according to American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. A romantic affair recovery after infidelity may be challenging, especially because infidelity is also one of the major causes of breakups and divorces. However, we can work past the unfaithfulness issue through a process that will involve looking at how the problem started and solutions to move on as a couple or marriage partners.

Improve Your Communication

Communication is vital; therapists can identify issues affecting your relationship and provide specific skills to enable you and your spouse to hear, respond, and respect each other as partners. An experienced therapist will help you improve your communication with your spouse or partner. A counselor will guide you with communication skills that you will practice in the office and later at home.

Improve Intimacy

Sex or intimacy is a subject that most couples may shy away from, but therapists can also help with this matter. Relationship counseling can provide helpful insights into improving your intimacy with your spouse and getting back the lost connection. Relationship therapists have handled many cases of lack of intimacy or interest and will know how to manage your issue and provide brilliant solutions.

Bring Fun Back To A Relationship

Couples may grow apart and feel bored in a relationship. A therapist can help bring back excitement and joy by providing big or small ways to have fun as a couple. A professional relationship counselor will enable you to find fresh experiences and common interests you can share as a couple. You may fall in love with your partner again with the help of in-and-out-of-office relationship counseling sessions.

Why Choose Me As Your Relationship Counselor In San Diego, CA

I am Jan Rakoff, a San Diego licensed therapist with over three decades of providing relationship counseling and solutions. Having been married for over forty years, and with my experience as a therapist, I can work with you to provide value and solutions to your relationship conflicts. Whether you’re looking for premarital, couples, or marriage counseling, I can help you improve your relationship at Jan Rakoff, LCSW offices at 12636 High Bluff Dr. 4th floor.

Contact me and let me help you know what you need to do or understand to improve your relationship and enjoy a good life together as partners or family.