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Marriage Counseling VS Couples Therapy

It’s normal for relationships to hit a rough patch. It would be weird if your relationship were smooth sailing without any insecurities or bumps in the road. You don’t always have to get along with your partner to have a healthy relationship. On the other hand, having a severe argument

The Right Support for Couples: Relationship Counseling

Your relationship is excellent when it’s working well. However, there are times when unexpected challenges occur. Couples or marriage counseling can be of great help to you and your partner in many ways. Couples therapy will help you return balance to your relationship and improve the self-awareness of actions and behaviors that


7 Tips on How to Prepare for Marriage Counseling

Whether it’s the never-ending fights or you can’t pinpoint the problem in your relationship, couples therapy can transform your marriage. A couples therapist helps you learn how to trust, connect and support each other, especially when started at the right time. It also enables you to focus on your family


How Effective Is Premarital Counseling?

Research has shown that about 50 percent of marriages end in a divorce or separation. That is indeed, a startling statistic, it is one that many people are aware of, but it can still be quite surprising to hear. When one hears about this type of data point, it would


How Does Cognitive Therapy Help In Individual Counseling?

Commonly known as CBT, Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a short-term psychotherapeutic intervention that helps alleviate the symptoms of various mental health conditions. This includes depression and anxiety disorders that may negatively impact a person’s behavior. It involves helping people identify their thoughts and behaviors in relation to their relationships, lifestyle,


The Benefits of Opting For Couples Counseling Online

Couples counseling may conjure up images of in-person therapy sessions at a regular counseling center. Some couples choose not to seek marriage counseling when in-office therapy sessions are the only choice. Their apprehension about disclosing personal information to a stranger in an office building is due to their apprehension. Couples

How To Be Happily Married and Stay That Way Through Premarital Counseling

Almost every fairy tale wedding ends happily ever. However, married life in the real world is a different story. A Conscious marriage which can be learned and practiced in therapy keeps your relationship and family healthy. Not sure if your marriage needs counseling sessions to stay healthy and strong? According

Individual Therapy & Its Positive Effects

Life is a series of constantly changing events. People go through various changes from the time they are born to the time they die – growing up, relationships, school, building a career, and family issues can take a toll on your mental health. Sometimes, these events and changes trigger fear,

7 Misconceptions About Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is one of the best steps to take before starting your marriage or anytime during your marriage life. But, unfortunately, most people hesitate to pick up the phone and make an appointment with the experts because of the many prejudices, preconceived myths, and misconceptions associated with this subject.