Therapy for Trauma/PTSD: What To Expect?

Therapy for Trauma/PTSD: What To Expect?

Do you have a traumatic past? Are you thinking about getting some help through therapy? Learn more about some signs that you might have PTSD and how Jan Rakoff can help you through your past traumatic experiences.

Signs of PTSD

Do you know the signs of PTSD? Here are just a few signs you might have PTSD:

    • A general feeling of uneasiness around others
    • Easily frightened or scared
    • Reliving events in flashbacks or reoccurring nightmares
    • Debilitating anxiety and severe distractibility
    • Avoiding places, things, or thoughts of the traumatic event
    • Detaching yourself from your friends and family or having numb feelings
    • Unable to form close relationships

These are just a few signs of PTSD, but if you’ve been experiencing them for over a month or longer, think about seeking professional help. Getting PTSD therapy can help you live it, and help you understand what can trigger episodes.

Common Responses to Traumatic Events

You can experience trauma from a single event in your life such as sexual assault, natural disaster, or other types of emotional abuse. Everyone can react differently than others. In fact, a person can start to develop PTSD years after the traumatic event occurred.

By seeking therapy for traumatic events, whether they were physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or verbal abuse, you can start to heal from those wounds. Some people might go into denial that the event ever happened, and can go years in silent pain. Try to find the strength and courage always to keep fighting and let Jan Rakoff get you through it be stronger as a result.

Making Sense of PTSD Symptoms

By getting therapy from Jan Rakoff can help you live with your PTSD and enable you to form the relationships that might be out of reach at the moment. PTSD can impact your life and the choices you make each day.

Jan Rakoff offers Grief and Trauma Therapy to her patients with PTSD because she wants to help provide you with support. She will help create a safe and trusting environment for each of her patients to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you share your traumatic experiences.

It can be a long journey that you can set at your own pace, so you shouldn’t worry about retelling every memory in the first session. It can be hard talking and thinking about those memories, but by talking them through with an experienced therapist, you can unleash the hold they have had on you and helped you heal. This Grief and Trauma Therapy can get you back to living a healthy and happy life once again!

PTSD Therapy in San Diego

If you live in or around the San Diego area, contact Jan Rakoff by phone or email to set up an appointment or ask her any questions you might have about PTSD treatments and other traumatic therapies. Call her as soon as possible if you think you need help right away. She can help you get through your traumatic past with PTSD therapy and so much more!