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Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you dealing with major changes in your life such as the loss of a job or a divorce? These are just some common examples of life events that can trigger feelings of grief and loss in a person. Everyone experiences grief and loss at one point or another in their lives. How we deal with this grief, however, can differ among individuals.

For instance, some people withdraw entirely from their family, friends, and all social situations. Others may carry on as if nothing happened, until one day something triggers their memory to relive the original loss once again. Some people laugh, some people cry, some people get angry and take their feelings out on others.

Therefore, even though we all experience grief and loss throughout our lives, it is the ways in which we approach it and deal with it that make us different from one another. I am an experienced therapist in the San Diego area and I can help you through this process.

Choosing a Counselor that You Can Trust

Grief Counseling in San Diego is a form of Psychotherapy which helps individuals to confront, cope with, and adjust to his/her recent loss and unique feelings of grief. Grief can be extremely disabling and therefore may require counseling and therapy in order to help the individual overcome these overwhelming feelings and emotions. If you find that you are no longer able to engage in the activities you once used to (i.e. work, school, going out with friends, etc.) then you might be suffering from feelings of grief and loss.

A Grief and Loss Therapist can help you to express your feelings about the loss, whether they be sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety, or confusion. Grief counseling San Diego will ultimately help you through the process of resolution, keeping in mind your own unique, yet natural reactions to the loss. The goal of Grief and Loss Therapy is to help you to identify and resolve the problematic psychological and emotional symptoms and consequences you are experiencing.

The Process for Grief Counseling San Diego

When a person is dealing with grief and/or loss, they may experience physical, behavioral, or psychosomatic disturbances. Common symptoms experienced by an individual dealing with grief and loss are a lack of sleep/insomnia, changes in appetite, weight gain/weight loss, extreme fatigue, feeling disorganized or confused, feeling profound sadness and loneliness, experiencing anger and resentment, or feeling guilt and regret. Whatever your symptoms are, keep in mind that these are normal ways of dealing with grief, particularly in the early stages of grief and loss.

The first step is often allowing yourself to accept these reactions and emotions as a part of the grieving process. It is also important to recognize that there is no right or wrong way to grieve. As stated previously, everybody grieves differently, and this is often dictated by things such as ethnicity, religion, social norms, or upbringing. What can be learned are healthier methods of coping with your feelings of grief and loss.

Remember, grief is a natural response to loss, and therefore you have to allow yourself to experience these emotions, albeit painful and overwhelming at times. Additionally, the grieving process takes time. For some, healing occurs very gradually, over a period of years. For others, it can be a much quicker experience (for instance, several weeks or months). The important thing to remember is that there is no “normal” grieving timeline – everyone grieves differently and heals at different paces. Together, you and your Grief and Loss Therapist will figure out the optimal path to aid you in overcoming your debilitating feelings of grief and loss, and subsequently get your life back on track.

Overall, grief and loss are inevitable and seemingly unavoidable events in our lives. At one point or another, all of us will experience some form of grief and loss. We do, however, have a choice in the matter. We can choose to confront and deal with the feelings of grief, or we can choose to avoid them. Avoidance will lead to the grief resurfacing as an array of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, or extreme anger. Avoidance may also lead to physical symptoms such as fatigue and insomnia, or a weakened immune system leaving us susceptible to different physical illnesses. Therefore, it is obvious that there is no “easy” way around dealing with grief and loss – only a way through it.

Grief Therapy with Jan Rakoff

Facing grief, though difficult and mentally trying at times, will prove to benefit you in the long run, as you and your Grief and Loss Therapist venture down the journey of healing together.

If you live in the San Diego area feel free to contact me by phone or the contact form on the right of this website for a free consultation.

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