Is it Time to Go to Couples Counseling?


Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you feel like your marriage isn’t bringing you happiness, then it may be time to consider couples counseling.

While many don’t talk about it, marital and family therapy is both incredibly common and helpful. As you go through life, you’ll change as a person. You may go through different jobs, friends, and living places. You may also go through other important events, like welcoming a new child, saying goodbye to family members, and dealing with other life challenges.

You may be wondering what happened to the spark you once had with your partner, and if that’s the case, then it may be time to consider marriage counseling or couples therapy. Relationship therapy is a great way to help you understand yourself and your partner.

With the help of a licensed marriage counselor, you can help rebuild a strong relationship with your partner. Luckily, there are many family therapies and relationship counseling options in San Diego.

What’s next is deciding if you’re ready for couples therapy.

Signs it Might be Time for Couples Therapy

If you’re considering therapy sessions in San Diego, CA, here are some signs that it might be time to find a therapist near you.

  1. You Struggle to Resolve Conflict

Conflict is a natural part of every relationship or marriage, but if you associate marriage or couplehood with arguing, then you may need to develop better communication strategies.

Disagreements often stem from a lack of understanding of your partner’s needs or vice versa. Other stresses, like work or children, may also contribute to disagreements with your partner.

Relationship counseling can help you learn how to resolve disagreements more easily and talk openly with your partner without fear of getting into an argument.

  1. You Have Negative Feelings Towards Your Partner

Sometimes, we build up resentment towards our partners when we fail to express our emotions. Often, this is also a communication problem. While your emotions are valid, it can be bad for your mental health, and your relationship, to hold onto them.

The right therapist can help you work through the emotional pain you may have felt at times in the relationship. With emotionally focused therapy, they can also support you in working through your emotions in a safe and calm environment.

  1. You Are Struggling with Personal Growth

If you feel like your marriage may be holding you back, it’s time to consider counseling sessions. We all want to lead a fulfilling life, and your partner should contribute to that.

Sometimes, underlying issues may contribute to a sense of not feeling fulfilled or feeling personal growth. In these situations though, the first step should always be to speak to a trained therapist. Through individual counseling or relationship counseling, they can help you get to the root of your unhappiness.

  1. You Feel Depression or Anxiety At Home

Mental health issues should always be taken seriously. Sometimes, these health issues arise when we go through important life transitions, but sometimes they are also affected by relationships.

Your therapist can help you develop coping skills to handle any depression or anxiety you may be facing. They can also help determine if your partner is good for your well-being, or if it’s time to reconsider the relationship. Therapists act with confidentially and integrity, allowing you to safely reveal how you’re feeling without judgment.

  1. You Have past Trauma Surrounding Relationships

Past trauma can often seep into new relationships, even if the new person you are with is good for you. It can be hard to feel safe in these situations, but a courageous step is seeking help before it affects your new relationships.

One of the many therapy areas is assisting with trauma. You may find that you need individual therapy to help, but seeking couples counseling can help heal hearts in many situations. If you live in San Diego, you’ll find that there are plenty of options for both.

  1. Your Children Are Affected By Your Relationship Problems

Many therapist clients have a family. Children often notice more than their parents may realize. If children see a lot of arguing, domestic violence, or substance abuse, it can have a huge effect on them.

If you got out of a relationship where this was a problem, or if you are still in a relationship and working through these issues, then it is incredibly important for you and your family to seek a qualified therapist. A family therapist will help you understand your options so that you and your family can remain safe and cared for.

Working with a therapist will also help model healthy behavior for your children and ensure that they know what a strong and positive relationship looks like.

  1. You Consider Divorce Frequently

Sometimes, divorce is the best option for you and your partner. Therapy, however, is an excellent option if you are contemplating divorce but want to make sure it is truly the best option for you.

In San Diego, it can be ideal to speak with someone who knows how the divorce process may work and can offer suggestions and insight. A therapist will also help you understand if the emotions you are processing are temporary, or if they are indicative of a bigger problem.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step?

If you’re looking for processing couples counseling, then you’ll find plenty of options right in your backyard. San Diego has everything, from career counseling to the perfect family therapists and more.

But if you’re needing a relationship therapist, then look no further than Jan Rakoff. Jan specializes in therapy and counseling for relationships in the San Diego area. She serves areas like Solana Beach and Mission Valley. With her help, you can trust that your needs will be met with compassion and kindness.

With the right family therapist or relationship counselor, you can learn strategies for handling difficult problems and feel supported if you decide to divorce or separation is the best option.

Contact Jan by scheduling a consultation or by calling her office at 858-481-0425.

Get the help you need today so that you can live the life you want with the person you want. You won’t regret seeking help and saving your marriage or relationship.