When is the Right Time to Stop Counseling?

Every client that undergoes counseling wonders when is the right time to stop counseling sessions. You may feel you are not benefitting from this particular client-counselor relationship or, perhaps, you have been in counseling for an extended period time. To ensure you are making the best decision for yourself, here are 4 situations in which you should consider whether it is the right time to stop counseling:

  1. The counseling plan and/or techniques employed by the counselor do not make sense to you. Counselors subscribe to schools of thought that direct their approach to counseling. If you do not agree with the approach of the counselor or the structure of the sessions, you should seek a counselor whose beliefs are in-line with your own.
  2. There is a clash of personalities. While personality barriers to forming effective client-counselor relationships are not common, you will not benefit from the sessions if you do not like your counselor, so it might be wise to find another counselor.
  3. You feel uncomfortable during sessions. If you feel that you are being judged for what you are sharing, explain this to your counselor. An experienced counselor is prepared to handle these situations and can reassure you that sessions are not a place of judgment. If you feel that your discomfort remains, the time has come to look for a different counselor.
  4. You have been in counseling for a significant period of time and you feel you are ready to move on. After a therapeutic relationship has been developed, only the client and counselor know when it’s time to end the sessions.

If you have been in counseling for some time and wish to end your sessions, consult your counselor as to how you can prepare for this life change. However, if you decide to end counseling because you do not feel like a particular counselor can help you, do not let it deter you from finding an experienced counselor, like Jan Rakoff LCSW, whom can provide you with a safe, supportive space to explore your feelings. If you are looking for a therapist in San Diego, schedule your initial consultation with Jan Rakoff, LCSW, today by calling 858-481-0425 or fill out the contact form.

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