When Is It Time to Seek Anxiety Counseling?

Anxiety is known to us all, whether it’s fretting over a job interview, speaking in public or flying on an airplane. You may feel the urge to run instead of stand your ground when you encounter something that scares or unnerves you. While experiencing anxiety itself is not always counterproductive, it is the frequency and intensity of which it occurs and whether it negatively impacts one or more areas of your life that tell you it’s time to seek anxiety counseling.

  • Frequency: In terms of anxiety, frequency relates to an increase in the number of things or activities you fear or the number of times it impacts your life. If you are anxious about only one thing but that one thing is part of your everyday life, it should be promptly addressed. If there are several things or activities that provoke feelings of anxiety or this number seems to be increasing, you should seek counseling that will assist you with decreasing the prevalence of anxiety in your life.
  • Intensity: Anxiety can come on suddenly or it can steadily increase as an anxiety-provoking event approaches. The intensity of the anxiety can result in an anxiety attack, which causes a feeling of shortness of breath, physical shaking and time and space disorientation. It’s understandable that when faced with such an experience you may choose to avoid the situation altogether or end up feeling hopeless when you cannot pinpoint what caused the reaction. However, there are therapeutic tools that can reduce the intensity of your anxiety and ways in which a counselor can help you identify stressors in your life.
  • Relationships and Work: Anxiety can preoccupy your mind and steal your focus away from those you hold dear in your life, as well as impact your work. You may find that you cannot participate in pleasurable activities with your family or are missing work due to anxiety. If your relationships and/or work are negatively affected by anxiety, counseling can show you how to diminish anxiety’s hold on your life.

The time to seek anxiety counseling depends on the severity of your anxiety and how it influences your relationships and your life. Anxiety counseling has helped people just like you face their debilitating anxiety and live life with a renewed sense of confidence. If you find yourself wondering how you might benefit from anxiety counseling, please fill out the contact form or call Jan Rakoff, LCSW, directly at 858-481-0425 to de-stress your life today.

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