The Most Common Times Couples Seek Counseling

Over the years, I have seen couples seek a psychotherapist for a plethora of reasons. Sometimes, therapy is seen for a happy couple that just wants to make their love stronger, but this is not the norm. Patients often come into counseling for these situations:

Trust Issues

Trust issues are a major concern in relationships. Whether a past love caused these issues or a person recently cheated, overcoming these trust issues is a necessity for a happy, healthy marriage.

A partner that is not trusting will often force a relationship to fall apart.

Financial Issues

Financial stress often leads to divorce. Studies show that couples who make less than $50,000 a year are more likely to be divorced. Why? The main issue is stress. A lack of finances often leads to stress, arguments and resentment among partners.

Sometimes, one partner realizes the issue and the other seemingly ignores it.

It’s important to talk about these issues and come to a common ground. When finances are an issue, counseling will help the couple get over the initial hurdle, but couples will still need to find common ground to overcome their money issues.

Sexual Issues

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Sex is part of a healthy relationship. Late nights at work or not spending enough time together can lead to lack of sex and ultimate quarrel among partners. Oftentimes, one or both partners will feel unwanted and will not be able to deal with this change.

Relationship counseling can help mend these differences and bring a loving couple back together. Oftentimes, it’s enough to realize just how big of a problem it is and work together to bring the love back into a relationship. Couples are often advised to go out on romantic dinners and spend time together to rekindle their romance. Seeing a relationship therapist may also be helpful in this sensitive area.

Parenting Issues

Parenting is the final issue on our list. When mom says yes to something and dad says no, arguments arise and couples will resent each other. Learning how to deal with these common issues is a challenge even for the strongest of couples.

Working together, the first step is for the parents to see their fault in the problem. Once this is corrected, a solution will be presented that will often take a lot of work to overcome. Both parents want say in what their child does, so it’s only right to come to an equal agreement with one another.

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