San Diego Family Therapy

What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is focused around the idea that the family unit is its own social structure of unique patterns and communication formulated around a set of relationships. These patterns are formed through general sociological influence funneled into a distinct set of ideas formulated through beliefs, values and personalities of all members involved. The family unit can include anyone from a Great Grandma to a close friend it is not essential for them to be blood related in order to be part of the family unit.  Through the qualities of the variables contributed by each member the unit forms its own exclusive personality which effects and determines the outcome of the group. This pays a particular role in the health of each individual within their mind, body and spirit.

San Deigo Family Therapy

United We Stand

Negative effects in one family member may be the symptom of another family member or a disturbance through the family unit. Therefore, focusing on the one individual who has the psychological concerns would be like treating the symptom of a disease rather then the disease itself. Even if the member of the family becomes rectified within themselves it still does not cure the issue at hand. This can lead to the negative effects coming back to the individual or spreading amongst the other family members. It is important to note that ANY change negative or positive made with an individual within the family unit will effect the social structure of the family.  Family Therapists use this idea of emotional conjunction to care for individuals by viewing any problem of one member as a symptom of conflict within the group.

What Does a Family Therapist Do?

A family therapist works with the members of the family to explain and examine how the family unit functions within their own framework. A family therapists counsels the the family to put less focus on any one member and allocates the attention to the family as a whole. Through this understanding they foster discussion that aids in the exploration of identifying concerns in order to formulate strategies and goals to resolve them. A family counselor works hard not to alienate anyone but to strengthen the family in order to collaboratively resolve the issues. They also employ strategies that create a lasting framework to resolve conflict that may arrive by unearthing what births these conflicts and how each unique member can cope in their own way.

While many often think that family therapy may be about strictly focusing on the negative aspects that effect the family that is not entirely true. Everyone works together to understand the strengths of the unit in order to fix the weaknesses. While a main focus on the entire unit is established each individual must take responsibility for their own actions in order for positive growth to happen. This type of self assignment leads to a very active type of therapy where goals are made and expectations are assigned.

What To Expect From A Family Counseling Session?

While family therapy can be loosely defined, each individual session is different. The variety of the sessions are derived form the severity of the problems and the openness of the family members to participate and accept therapy.

The number of sessions required varies depending on the severity of the problems and the willingness of the members to participate in therapy. The length of time depends upon what the mutual goals are and the expected time to reach those goals. This expected time is very variable as it depends on a lot of attributes of the group’s life. Not every family member will attend each session. Session attendance are be based upon the concerns and goals set forth.

Through treatment you should expect to understand yourself and the family unit a lot better and have a deeper appreciation for why each other act and feel the way they do. Within this understanding you should be able to live a happier and healthier life both individually and as a unit.  This counseling is for any one who has a condition that causes negative emotions within their life or the life of their family members. Some of the issues include:

  • Conflict in parent relationship
  • Drug abuse
  • Mental illness
  • Depression
  • Family disconnect
  • Divorce
  • Physical abuse
  • Interventions
  • Large changes
  • Physical health issues
  • And much more

Seeking a Family Therapist

Family Therapy is not limited to the conflicts mentioned above. Each situation is unique in its nature. If you are having an issue within your family unit it is very likely that you could benefit from family therapy. If you are interested in receiving more information on how a Family Therapist could help improve your current state please do not hesitate to contact me at 858-481-0425.


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