Relationship Counseling

Every relationship requires attention and care, especially when arguments are more frequent than loving touches and shared laughs. However, persistent patterns of ineffective communication and decreased intimacy do not happen overnight. You may not notice the gradual shift from closeness to separation until you begin to feel resentment and loneliness. Or, perhaps, there are distressing, unanswered questions about each partner’s level of long-term commitment to the relationship. Unresolved issues can poison a relationship slowly, so it is wise to seek relationship therapy to uncover the causes of the discord and clear the air in a safe, supportive space.

San Diego counselor Jan Rakoff, LCSW, is an expertly skilled relationship therapist who understands the unique issues that a couple faces when they are in a relationship. Fears of commitment or perceived lack of long-term commitment from the other partner are common problems that Jan Rakoff has helped many couples overcome.

Other difficulties that can be surmounted during relationship therapy are similar to those that impact the harmony of married couples, such as mistrust, acts of dishonesty, unfaithfulness, ineffective communication, negative patterns of interaction, lack of intimacy and general dissatisfaction in the relationship. Relationship therapy guided by a professional can help you and your partner learn how to openly discuss and successfully deal with past, present and future problems, so you can renew and strengthen your bond with one another.

Contact Dr. Jan Rakoff, LCSW, for Relationship Therapy

If you are in relationship that has hit a road block, relationship therapy can you and your partner back on the road to being in love and feeling a sense of togetherness. Jan Rakoff, LCSW, is a highly trained and extensively experienced relationship therapist that can help you and your partner mend your relationship. IF you have more questions about your relationship contact Jan at (858) 481-0425.