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Adult Therapy in San DiegoDo you ever feel irritable, upset, or angry for a reason which you cannot clearly identify? Do you find that you react to situations in disproportionate ways, or in ways that you (and others) wouldn’t normally expect? If allowed to continue, these feelings and behaviors will worsen, disrupting not only your life, but the life of those around you.

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Sometimes you will be the first to notice these emotional or behavioral changes, while other times it will take a close friend or family member to point them out to you. Regardless of the way in which you become aware, Individual Adult Therapy is an opportunity to step away from your natural environment and engage in a conversation with not only an objective listener, but also a professional.

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When you are removed from your work, family, or life situation momentarily and give yourself “permission” to speak openly and honestly, you will not only have the ability to say things which you feel you could not say to your close family or friends. Furthermore, you will also feel less anxious and fearful about the unexplainable emotions and behaviors you are experiencing. Together we will explore your thoughts and perceptions of the world around you, and attempt to identify the root cause of them.

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Since this is extremely difficult to do by yourself, Adult Therapy in San Diego provides you with a safe environment and the opportunity to speak freely, while having peace of mind knowing that your information will be kept confidential, between the two of us. Together, we will work to uncover your troublesome thoughts and feelings by speaking openly about them and attempting to identify the behavioral patterns contributing to your present issues. Individual Adult Therapy will aid you in the discovery and exploration of yourself by helping you identify and interpret your thoughts and feelings. This in turn will lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, creating an increased capacity of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

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