Marriage counseling, what is it?

Are you having trouble communicating with your partner? Are you having doubts about the survival of your marriage? I am a qualified and experienced therapist who specializes in marriage counseling and couples counseling. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for many years, marriage counseling may be the vital link bridging the gap that has grown between you and your spouse. With divorce rates on the rise and the existence of many dissatisfied couples, marriage counseling can help you to identify and target key issues causing conflict, and provide you with the necessary tools to improve your relationship with each marriage counseling session you attend.

Many individuals are apprehensive about starting marriage counseling, in fear that asking for another’s help displays a sign of personal weakness. This could not be further from the truth. Marriage counseling provides you with an objective outsider’s perspective on the troubles you are having with your spouse, and equips you with the tools you need to work on and build a long-lasting and satisfying marriage with your partner. Many couples develop “bad habits”, or ways of interacting with one another that may be maladaptive and unhealthy to the relationship. These ways of communicating that you and your spouse are so familiar with may cause your mind to become clouded and therefore unable to envision any other strategies to improve your marriage. You may feel as though time will heal your marriage, or that the problems will fix themselves eventually. What marriage counseling can do is offer you new and healthy approaches to solving the problems between you and your spouse which you may not have been able to identify without the aid of an objective third party. These strategies will help you better communicate with your partner.

Poor communication skills, which are usually the primary source of problematic interpersonal relationships, will be addressed in marriage counseling, helping you and your partner recognize the unhealthy behaviours and attitudes that exist within your marriage. Once these are recognized (with the assistance and guidance of your marriage counselor), you may begin to substitute new, adaptive modes of communication. Together, the three of us will find the techniques that best work for you and your situation, and strive to implement them into your daily life. Whether it is a crisis you are dealing with in your relationship, or an ongoing issue that you thought would just take care of itself in time, marriage counseling is beneficial to all couples, helping you both to develop healthy coping mechanisms to manage the inevitable stress and conflict that comes along with being in a relationship. Once these skills are developed and implemented, you and your partner will experience fewer arguments and disagreements, and many more positive and rewarding experiences that will help you to appreciate, respect, and enjoy one another as a married couple.

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