How Parental Alcoholism Affects A Teen

Parental Alcoholism Affects Teens Differently

When a child becomes a teenager and starts making the transition to an adult, it is an incredibly difficult time for them, adding an alcoholic parent to the mix can add even more pressure to an already confused and stressed child. Whether you are the parent or the child, it can be difficult to know what steps to take in order to help the situation, but one of the best things you can do is find them someone to talk to in a safe environment.

How Alcoholism Impacts Teens

Teenagers already experience an overwhelming amount of emotions on a daily basis, but having alcoholic parents can cause them to feel embarrassed, angry, sad, and hurt. It can lead to them not wanting to come home or feeling uncomfortable when they are at home, which can have a major impact on their lives. It may also lead to teens having anxiety, depression, or even turning to substance abuse themselves.

Alcoholism in Teens

Even if alcoholic parents aren’t physically abusive to their children, it still can affect them in a negative way. Parents can push the blame of their drinking onto their children and in some cases even their responsibilities as parents. They can have trouble keeping a job and paying bills, or teens may have to care for their younger siblings because their parents are incapable of doing so. The emotional repercussions can be devastating over time.

How Therapy Can Help

Teens often don’t know how to respond to a parent’s alcoholism and how to help them, leaving these young adults feeling lost and helpless. Therapy can give them a safe place to talk about their feelings without the threat of anger, judgment, and retaliation. Speaking with a therapist can also provide them with coping mechanisms during this healing process.

When teens see their parents drinking it often brings up trust issues with not only their parents, but adults in general and having an adult they can trust can take part of the burden of having alcoholic parents off of their shoulders. It can also give them someone to contact if things get out of control or if they feel like they need to get away from the situation without putting themselves in danger.

Getting Support

Jan Rakoff is a San Diego psychotherapist that has been working with teens for years, and can help your loved one understand that their parent’s alcoholism is not their fault. If you need more information on how alcoholism affects teens and how therapy can help please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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