Anxiety vs. Tranquility

Can you relate to the experience of getting a song “stuck” in your mind? Maybe it started out as a tune you enjoyed but after the 50th replay it lost its charm? You may at times suffer from a form of “monkey mind” or restless left-brain chatter that can leave you wondering “Where is the ‘off’ button?”

Many people experience this mindless chatter from time to time. Some unfortunate souls may experience it on a daily basis. It can be seen as a form of anxiety. It can be especially bothersome at bedtime when racing thoughts may dominate and prevent the process of unwinding and easing into sleep.

Simple Meditation Techniques Can Calm Anxiety

Luckily, “monkey mind” and other forms of anxious thinking may be quieted by practicing simple meditation techniques. Meditation has many forms but possibly the most basic is just to be mindful of your breath. Put focus and attention on the present moment, and gently redirect your attention to your breath — without judgment — when it wanders. Through this gentle practice it is possible to free yourself not only from the repetitive chatter that holds you hostage but also from anger and other negative thoughts. Best of all — it’s a strategy that is free, portable, and does not require a prescription!

If you find that you struggle with this process on your own, consider seeking out a therapist who specializes in mindfulness meditation.

Experiencing even brief moments of inner peace on a regular basis can be beneficial to both physical and mental health. In doing so, we are also reminded that we are “human be-ings” and not “human do-ings.” That, in itself, can help set us free from anxiety and worry.

 San Diego Anxiety Therapist

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