Parenting Coordination

Did you know… Couples who use a Parenting Coordinator have shown a 56% decrease in the number of court motions filed, a 58% decrease in scheduled court events, and a 32% decrease in trials in the two years after the appointment of a coordinator.

As a Qualified Parenting Coordinator, our primary goal is to help parents start co-parenting cooperatively. Instead of a long-term endeavor, we consider the process an efficient and effective way to meet the needs of the family.

Parenting coordination can be a solution for high conflict families struggling through separation and divorce with making decisions in the best interests of their children. It is an alternative dispute resolution process developed to assist conflicted separating, divorcing, or already divorced parents having difficulties agreeing and/or interpreting their parenting plan.

The goal of parenting coordination is to decrease dispute and increase balance and cooperation in order to provide children the opportunity to grow without the devastating stress of being caught in the middle of parental conflict.

Parenting Coordination Includes:

  • A series of five sessions. The first two sessions are individual with each parent and remaining sessions are joint (unless there is a domestic violence injunction; in that case all sessions are individual).
  • Establishing contact with other involved parties.
  • Providing phone consultations and the initial paperwork assessments.
  • Continued parenting coordination after five sessions is available.

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