Family Mediation

The US Divorce Statistic  shows that 90 percent of mediated divorce cases have settled successfully.

Family Mediation provides an excellent opportunity for you to come to an amicable resolution of your issues with the assistance of a professional. As experts in negotiations and conflict resolution, we work with you to help facilitate an agreement requiring far less time and money. Family Mediation issues cover a wide range of topics such as  parenting plans, division of assets and liabilities, and post-divorce amendments.

Not only can we assist you in negotiations, but once the negotiations are concluded we will prepare a marital settlement agreement customized to meet your family’s needs and all the court documents you will need for an uncontested divorce.

Divorce mediation is a logical choice for many reasons.

  • Mediation works: The process is more conducive to respectful discussions and compromise to find a lasting agreement honored by both parties.
  • Mediation is confidential: This empowers individuals during conflict resolution the ability to decide on important issues without the scrutiny associated with litigation.
  • Mediation saves time and money: Mediating is cost-effective because you are not hiring dueling experts or paying two lawyers to fight over every issue. Mediation resolves divorce quicker than litigation and occurs on your timetable rather than the court’s schedule.
  • Mediation gives you the control: The process is voluntary and non-binding if an agreement is not reached. In the end, you determine the outcome rather than a judge.
  • Mediation is more civilized: Contested divorce always becomes adversarial. Mediation avoids fights and drama and focuses on finding a best case scenario for everyone involved.
  • Mediation is healthier for children: Despite amicable intentions, kids are often caught in the middle of a divorce battle. There are harmful effects on children resulting from a long and bitter fight, as well as the inevitable aftermath of an agreement decided by a judge. Children benefit when Mom and Dad cooperate and come to terms peacefully.

Our professional knowledge and expertise can have a large impact on your ability to come to the best agreement for your family.

Family Mediation Options:

  • Pre-suit mediation – for couples who want to resolve divorce amicably without hiring attorneys. This is strongly encouraged because you will be ordered to mediate and it is easier for spouses to resolve disputes before they dig in their heels and hire separate lawyers.


  • Post-filing mediation – in contested divorce or custody cases, family court typically orders mediation before proceeding to litigation.

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