Collaborative Divorce


Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce. It provides a private, efficient, client-controlled approach that resolves separation outside of the courtroom with the support of a well-rounded team of professionals. The process is not about “who wins,” but how a family can work together to find the best solutions for the next chapter of your life.

The Collaborative process includes a team of professionals who work with the family to transition from the marriage peacefully. This includes a Mental Health Professional (Mental Health Neutral), Attorney (each party is represented by his/her attorney), and a Financial Expert (Financial Neutral).

As a certified Neutral Mental Health Professional (NMHP), KathyDan Moore serves as a process facilitator and communication coach in the Collaborative Divorce process. She specializes in issues related to separation, divorce, and remarriage and will help you work out of the most rational part of your brain (which is not easy when conflict is creating a “fight or flight” response).

We aim to help you achieve the following things in the collaborative process:

  •   Identify and prioritize your concerns and goals
  •   Ensure that your needs and interests are clearly expressed
  •   Minimize and resolve conflicts and misunderstandings
  •   Enable you to make sound decisions
  •   Solve problems
  •   Develop parenting plans
  •   Improve co-parenting relationships

The goal as an NMHP is to help you save money because you no longer have to utilize your attorney as an emotional or mental sounding board. We can discuss your challenges and navigate conflict as efficiently as possible while keeping in mind the best interest of all parties, especially children.

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