4 Tips for Getting Your Partner On Board for Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is a useful tool for openly addressing and successfully resolving a significant number of common issues that a couple faces during marriage. Regardless of the reason why you feel marital counseling is a good choice for your marriage, you may be concerned that your spouse will not agree to participate. To assist you with approaching this topic in a productive manner, here are 4 tips from a psychotherapist for getting your partner on board for marriage counseling:

  1. Approach the subject gently. Instead of bringing up counseling in an argument, consider bringing it up when both of you are calm. Begin by expressing your desire to strengthen your bond with one another and how you feel marriage counseling can help with that goal.
  2. Explain the relationship goals you hope to meet by attending marriage counseling and ask what goals your spouse might what to achieve. Focus on the good first, such as increasing physical intimacy, while encouraging your spouse to add his/her own goals. Then, address the sore points in your relationship that could benefit from expert intervention.
  3. Be sure to avoid accusatory language by omitting the pronouns, “you” and “your,” from your side of the discussion. It’s best to express your feelings by making use of the words, “I,” “me” and “my.”
  4. Allow your spouse the time and space to make the choice. Express to your spouse that you understand he/she is nervous about going, just as you are. It will be a new experience that you two will have together and hopefully result in strengthening your love and connection to one another.

Marriage counseling can be a difficult step to take as a couple, but it’s often a great way to strengthen your relationship and work towards more effective communication. If both parties agree to put the additional effort, it can really pay off for the long-term health of a marriage.

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